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Learn Spanish in Cuba specialize in personalized teaching. There is no set curriculum and no fixed duration. Courses are tailored to each student’s needs

Learning Spanish is fun

Speaking another language is fun and it opens many opportunities. You will be able to read a newspaper, a magazine or a good book, or watch a film, understand the menu card, get from one place to another and, above all, you will be able to get behind the facade. You will be able to speak with people and find out what makes them tick and how their world it put together. It is like being part of the film instead of just watching it on the screen. It can also help you in your job and career. Speaking another language is not just fun, it can give you a distinct benefit and open opportunities which do not exist for most other people. And then there is the sense of achievement.

Spanish as a second language is a sensible choice. It is the second most important foreign language in Europe and more than 400 million people speak it around the world. Spanish is the native language in more than twenty countries on four continents, and even in the United States it is becoming increasingly important. The Latin American economies are expanding rapidly which makes Spanish a language with a future.

LearnSpanishInCuba.org specializes in personalized teaching. There is no set curriculum and no fixed duration. First we assess your current level of Spanish, and then we tailor your personal study plan, which takes account of what you want to achieve and how much time you can spend on your Spanish course. The result can be truly amazing and at the end students usually experience a high degree of attainment and satisfaction.

There are many places where you can study Spanish. In Spain, of course, in Mexico, Guatemala and other Latin American countries, but Cuba is special. It is an enchanting Caribbean Island, steeped in Spanish colonial history and with a vibrant music tradition which has spread right across Latin America and the world. Cuba has another advantage. Although it is a low cost economy, education is king. You will therefore be coached by professional language teachers, who are university graduates, and your individual course will be both affordable and very effective. It is this combination of cost and quality which makes Cuba unique.

Words, words, words, that is what language is all about

Most people do not think about words, they simply use them. Some more effectively than others. By choosing to learn Spanish, or any other foreign language, students have committed themselves to understanding the value of words and use them conscientiously.

There is no better place to ponder on the use of words than when you want to search for anything on Google or any other search engine.

First you try with one set of words, and when you do not get the results you had expected you try with other words. To find a language school where you can learn Spanish, or perfect what you already know, is quite a task. Most students, be they young or mature, beginners, intermediate or advanced will have an idea of where they want to study Spanish. They could choose Spain, but perhaps a more exotic place would be more fun. Canadians might prefer Latin America, which opens up a myriad of possibilities including Mexico and Guatemala which are renown for their language schools.

Cuba, on the other hand, seems to have a special pull, wherever you come from.

People often express a wish to visit Cuba while it is still living in its own world isolated, to a large extend, from the influence of USA. It holds a certain fascination that tiny Cuba, like David, has been able to stand up to Goliath, and with few other weapons than words. Add Music, rhythm, cigars, rum, beaches, sun, colonial Spanish culture, friendly people and old American cars and you have the irresistible mixture which is Cuba.

Having found the countries where you can take a Spanish course you now have to find the right word for the institution. To some it is a school, to others a college or an academy. Some want to study language others to take lessons in Spanish, get coached or get tuition whether one-to-one, as the English call it, or one-on-one as the Americans say, but it all comes down to the same thing.

Learn Spanish in Cuba is a language school in Remedios and it achieves its outstanding results by employing university graduate professional language teachers offering lessons at any level, beginners, intermediate or advanced. Lessons typically include reading, writing, translation, interpretation, listening and oral exercises. Courses are tailored to suit students who like grammar and those who do not. Conversational skills and communications play an important role in the curriculum. Conversation and fluent expression are important skills in any language, Spanish included. Students are accommodated in a Casa Particular and because the owners have teenage children it is very similar to home-stay in other Latin American countries.

You found our website, so you must have used the right words in your search. Now take a good look around the site, and test your current knowledge of Spanish, if you wish. We look forward seeing you in Remedios.

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