Learn Spanish in Cuba

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             Why Cuba    

A  gem of a Caribbean island with deep roots in Spanish colonial history and a character all of its own.

Hemmingway loved Cuba, 
and for very good reasons
It is an enchanting island and was the setting for his story about The Old Man and the Sea. 
Graham Greene wrote Our Man in Havana, and many other stories have been set in Cuba.

People and Music

Most people are of hispanic origin, and Cuba offers a rich mixture of culture, and its music and dance rhythms have spread across Latin America and the world. The list is long: 
Salsa, Mambo, Rumba, Habanera, Trova, Rock, Hip Hop and Jazz.

Learn Spanish in Cuba because is so different

Whenever you think you have figured it out you will discover something else. And that is what makes Cuba so fascinating.

Perhaps there should have been a sign in the arrivals hall at the airport, telling you to get ready for surprises, shocks and revelations. Cuba is like nowhere else. Its economy is poor but its culture is rich. It is worn but its architecture is magnificent. It is both infuriating and uplifting at the same time.

Cuba’s complexity is a result of its history, a disturbing tale of interference from outside and internal conflicts resulting in slavery, invasion, counter-invasion, and revolution. Situated half way between North America and Latin America, Cuba is struggling to work out where it belongs.

Two thirds of the population is of Hispanic origin and only 15% is of African origin, but it is this blend of cultures which has fostered Cuba’s unique contribution to the world of music, rhythm and dance. It has swept across Latin America and the world and it is in evidence where ever you go in Cuba.

Nestled in the Caribbean, but with deep Spanish colonial roots, Cuba offers splendid architecture, beautiful beaches and a landscape to behold. Cuban cigars, rum and old American cars complete the picture.

It is the Cubans who have kept the country alive. They are survivors and improvisers and it is their spirit that keeps the country such a paradoxical and fascinating place.