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It is possible, of course, to travel to any country without speaking its language, and this applies to Spanish speaking countries too. But the experience and adventure which await you if you speak Spanish bear no comparison. Instead of barely understanding the menu and struggling to tell the taxi driver where to take you, and being confined to the touristy places, knowing and speaking Spanish will widen and deepen your enjoyment. In a nutshell, you can make friends.

People, whose native language is Spanish, often say that it is an easy language because it is pronounced exactly the way it is spelled. Well, that may be true if it is your mother tongue. For everybody else it is almost true, because once you have found out the difference in the value and sound of the letters in the alphabet the pronunciation does becomes plain sailing.

Knowing the grammar of a language can be helpful, but if you think about it,  there are lots of people in your own country who communicate very effectively without knowing or using their grammar correctly. If you are one of those students who does not like grammar, you will be pleased to know that we can help developing your ability to speak Spanish and communicate nevertheless. There are more ways than one to get from point A to point B, and that is what we exploit at LearnSpanishInCuba.org where we specialize in personalized teaching. Developing conversational skills, listening to Spanish songs and their text and using other informal methods, together we will improve your Spanish out of recognition.

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We will get you there, even if you do not like grammar

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Learn Spanish in Cuba