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It has been said that people who do not know another language may not know enough about their own language either, and it is undoubtedly true that learning Spanish will give you a better and deeper  understanding of your own language. Spanish is a Latin language and more than 4000 English words are of Latin origin. This makes it easier to learn Spanish, if you know English, and it gives you a better understanding of the origin of many words. Studying Spanish grammar will also show you how similar and dissimilar the languages are and it will make you more aware of your own language and your own grammar.  Learning a second language, or a third one, will deepen your appreciation of languages.

At Learn Spanish in Cuba we like grammar and we can help you to improve the effectiveness of your Spanish through an improved use of grammar. Our teaching is based on a personalized study plan which depends on your current level of knowledge of the Spanish language and what you want to achieve in the time you have available. If you like grammar we can achieve much in a short time, particularly if you choose one-to-one tuition.

There are many different accents in Spanish, and Cuban is just one of them, but not to worry. We will teach you Spanish Spanish or Castilian where there is a difference.



If you like grammar, you will understand that there are reasons to learn language for language's sake

You like grammar?


So do we, and you can have your fill

while you perfect your Spanish.

We can have a lot of fun together  

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